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A creative concierge agency providing aspirational visual brand identities and shoot productions through a curated circle of talent.

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Inner Circle NY LA is a creative concierge agency providing aspirational brand identities through a curated circle of talent. Led by Gillian, we hand select an ideal team of talent that specializes in your creative needs including, productions, digital and print campaigns, e-commerce imagery and social media content.


Creatives within the Inner Circle include an experienced range of tastemakers in Fashion, Beauty, and Wellness.


Gillian Avertick

With 15+ years of experience overseeing creative for Vogue Group brands at Condé Nast, as well as numerous private fashion clients, our founder, Gillian Avertick, has worked with an extensive network of talent accumulating the ultimate Inner Circle.


Gillian has an innate ability to bring people together through a creative lens. She believes that your talent is meant to be seen, supported and uplifted. Along with her magnetic skill of connecting, Gillian is a natural problem solver ready to bring your ideas to life.


Photographers and set designers. Editors and fashion stylists. Video mavens and social media stars. Celebrities and make up artists. Wellness entrepreneurs and skin care experts. Hair stylists and models. Product developments, graphic designers and shoot productions. Content Creators. Friends and family. 


This is Inner Circle NY LA.

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Select Work

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Madame Figaro

Herve Leger

Tommy Hilfiger

Mothership Materials


Zac Posen

David Roemer Studios


Private Client Residences in Hamptons and Los Angeles

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